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Behavioral Tracking

Behavioral tracking refers to the act of tracking what activities a user performs while browsing your website. These activities include:

  • Viewing products and product categories
  • Viewing content and content categories
  • Searching for entities (products, content, categories)
  • Adding products to a shopping basket, and either purchasing them or not purchasing them
  • Interacting with product recommendations, and either adding them to a shopping basket, or not adding them

In order for Relewise to offer the best performance for our services, Relewise relies on the tracked behavior of users. The more behavior Relewise is able to track, the better our services perform, and the better conversion of users into paying customers.

Note: Behavioral Tracking data is free of charge for our customers.

Implementation details for Developers

See how to implement Behavioral Tracking here

GDPR Compliancy

Tracking always has to happen with the user's explicit permission. Always ensure that your site is GDPR-compliant.

Relewise recommends partnering with a cookie consent provider, such as Cookiebot, CookieInformation, or Cookie Script.

These solutions are guaranteed to keep your solution GDPR-compliant, and integrate easily into Relewise for a hassle-free start to your tracking.

Historical Order Data

When implementing Relewise, you may benefit from importing historical order data to serve as a foundation for the behavioral tracking to come.

Historical order data helps inform our services of pre-existing popularity and entity relations, ensuring that they can perform at their peak from the moment you go live.

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