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Free Trial: The MyRelewise Interface

The MyRelewise Interface (accessible via MyRelewise) is the platform where you can engage with your Relewise metrics, view statistics about your Relewise search and recommendation performance, and fine-tune the functionality of our services.

For the purposes of your Free Trial demo, we have implemented several of Relewise's most prominent features for you. There are, however, several more that cannot feasibly be included in a demo site, and which cannot easily be showcased in a satisfying manner. In the interest of giving you the full view of Relewise's capabilities, we have elected to leave all parts of the MyRelewise interface open to you. We urge you to click around, experiment and explore what we have to offer. If you are curious regarding our broader capabilities, feel free to peruse our extended documentation regarding MyRelewise and the functions found there.

A Brief Overview

Your Free Trial Demo Shop includes features of Search, Recommendation, and Behavioral Tracking. On top of that, MyRelewise offers you insight into the utility of Relewise's systems, and information that you can use for further marketing.

The Menu

The Menu on the left of the screen is the main navigational tool of MyRelewise. Any page you might need can be found there. For the purposes of our Free Trial Demo, we will be focusing on a few specific ones, namely: Revenue, Recommendations, Search, Analytics, and Entities.

The MyRelewise Menu

The Top

The top of the screen shows a variety of things depending on your setup. For your demo, you will only have one language associated with the demo shop, and as such we do not show the language picker. Similarly with currency, where a site with multiple currencies can be sorted within MyRelewise according to each currency.

The MyRelewise Menu

We also show a date picker, which helps you narrow or broaden the scope of your inquiry when you interface with our various systems. You can choose to view just a single day, a week, or any given time span you desire using this feature. The date picker remembers your choice between pages, making it easier to compare data across features in MyRelewise.

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