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Locations ‚Äč

Locations (AKA DisplayedAtLocation) are used for several thing within Relewise, primarily for dimensioning analytics data, as well as for targeting specific requests in Merchandising.

Location is basically a means for you to be able to let Relewise know where you are planning to show the results of this query to the user. This lets you know where your searches and recommendations are being made, and where they perform best - allowing you to optimize your Relewise performance.

It is important to not create too many locations, as performance will suffer. Never use context/data-driven auto-generated objects for locations, such as urls, page-names etc.

Locations are relevant for both Search and Recommendation purposes. As a baseline, Relewise recommends focusing on the following locations (though your needs may vary):

Recommendation LocationsSearch Locations
Front PageSearch Overlay
Product Details PageSearch Page
Cart/BasketSearch Results Page
Power Step
Category Page
Content Page
Search Result page

If you do not have products or a basket to worry about, focus instead on the content-related pages that would make sense to set up as locations. Just keep in mind that a location should be generic rather than specific. You want to target "content pages" in general, and not each content page in particular.

A note on window.location and other auto-generated locations

Under no circumstance should you attempt to track the window.location property of the browser. This is not a Location as we refer to them in this documentation, and will cause major issues with loading your tracking data in the Relewise engine.

This extends to all context/data-driven auto-generated locations, such as URLs, page-names etc. Locations are static places on the website, and cannot be linked to a dynamic object.

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