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Overview ‚Äč

Relewise is a personalized search and recommendation engine built ground-up with relevance, performance, and flexibility as key metrics.

Relewise is generally used in commerce solutions but can be used in all types of websites and apps. By analyzing user identity and behavior as well as product and content catalog, the individual user can be given a personalized experience, which offers both a better experience and increased business value.

Elements of a commerce solution often personalized with Relewise

  • Search
    • The sort order of results when a user uses the search function
    • Search term suggestions as the user type in the search field
    • Provide search despite search term spelling errors
  • Recommendations
    • When a product is viewed Relewise can suggest alternative and supplementing products for up-sales
    • When the user adds a given product to the basket (the power step, products often bought with that product is presented)
    • Product and content recommendations in newsletters
  • Other
    • The sort order of products when the user browses a product category
    • The sort order of items in a menu
    • Automatically triggered e-mails with content targeted to the individual user


Click here to see a diagram of the solution's individual building blocks

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