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Marketing Automation

The Marketing Automation menu has two subitems: Trigger Live View and Triggers.

Trigger Live View

On the Trigger Live View page, Relewise graphs the trigger types that have been registered as active on your site. The graph is accompanied by a counter above it, which tracks the total amount of each trigger type events, as well as the actual live view below the graphs. The live view, similar to that found on the trackings page, is only able to show data since you began your current session in My Relewise, and will cease to update after ten minutes of inactivity.

My Relewise trigger live view

The My Relewise Triggers Live View


The Triggers page allows you to create triggers through a simple and easy interface.

My Relewise Triggers

The 'Create new trigger configuration' modal shows the List of Triggers on

Triggers allow for integration with external systems, such as sending out Abandoned Cart emails or registering particular interest in a product from a user. Configuring the triggers themselves is done via the API, but MyRelewise allows you to see an easy overview of the different triggers you have created, as well as their individual details by clicking on each one.

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