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Merchandising is a way for you to affect the results of searches and recommendations by boosting, burying, filtering or pinning products, product categories, content pages and content categories. It is a powerful tool that lets you improve the visibility of important products and pages, or filter out products you do not want to show in your search results. Learning how to use Merchandising rules enables you to get the most out of your Relewise experience, and lets you fine-tune your search and recommendation algorithms to perfectly fit your needs.

To learn how to set up your own merchandising rules, please refer to the MyRelewise merchandising page.

Merchandising Rules

Merchandising operates with three different types of Rules, as described below:


A Boost/Bury rule adds weight to a product, a product category or a product brand, by enabling a multiplier score that is added to the chosen product(s) during search. This can serve to either bring a product above its peers in a search or recommendation, or push it below similar search results.

Typical use case

When a certain product or brand has a high profit margin, and you want to promote it in searches and recommendations.

When a product is getting returned a lot, and you want to lower its ranking compared to other, more stable sellers.


A Filter rule prevents entities from being shown in searches and recommendations.

Typical use case

When you want to filter out products not currently in stock from a search or recommendation.


A Pin rule is used to lock a particular product, product category or content page to a specific position.

Typical use case

When you want to display your best selling item on the power step to boost visibility.

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