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Third Party Integrations

Relewise supports a range of different third party applications, from CMS systems to Email/Marketing suites and more. Below is an overview of the various integrations we offer.

If you are interested in using any of these for your own solution, don't hesitate to reach out to us via our support channels on Slack or via email.

Note that some of these integrations are built by third party developers, and may require their involvement in getting it set up. Relewise will naturally be there to assist in the process, and ensure that the systems are integrated to

If you do not see your software of choice on this page, please reach out to us to discuss getting your favorite platform integrated with Relewise.

Relewise Supports The Following Third Party Integrations:

Email/MarketingEmail/MarketingData ManagementData Management
CustomerIODripDataFeedWatchStruct PIM

Email/Marketing Integrations

Relewise's integrations into Email/marketing systems allows you to put personalized product recommendations into your marketing emails, ensuring that your customers receive the best fit of products to pique their interest. The result is higher sales and better conversation rates by utilizing Relewise's deep stores of user-data.

Some integrations also allow you to leverage the strength of your marketing software's marketing triggers and automations, such as lost basket or product information notices.


The Relewise/ActiveCampaign integration lets you add personalized product recommendations to your ActiveCampaign marketing emails.


Increase the value of your Agillic email recommendations with Relewise data based on deep user-driven data of sales metrics and performance statistics. Also integrate your marketing automations with Relewise to maintain user engagement on the basis of Relewise's deep understanding of your users' behavior.

Emails sent out via can take advantage of Relewise's deep understanding of user behavior to ensure your product recommendations always hit the mark.


Combine Drip's email marketing and powerful automations with the power of Relewise's product recommendations and triggers, such as dropped basket notifications, personalized sales, and more.


HeyLoyalty integrates with Relewise to utilize powerful marketing automations that let you reach your users more easily and more reliably, ensuring a better shopping experience.


Relewise integrates with Klaviyo's email marketing, to create personalized recommendations for every user on your mailing list. Relewise furthermore integrates into Klaviyo's marketing automations.

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Relewise integrates with Mailchimp marketing emails, to send out personalized product recommendations to your users.


The Relewise/Omnisend integration allows you to drive sales and engagement by utilizing Releiwise triggers and product recommendations in your Omnisend marketing emails.


With Relewise, you can send data regarding user behavior to Salesforce regarding things such as user interest for products, categories and brands, in order to perform, e.g., better lead scoring. At the same time, Relewise can integrate with your Salesforce marketing emails, providing personalized product recommendations, and perform marketing automations on the basis of your users' behavior.


Relewise allows you to add personalized product recommendations to your Sendgrid marketing emails to help you grow your conversion and hit rates.


Sleeknote is a powerful engine for popups and gamification, and with their integration to Relewise, you can import our product recommendations into your Sleeknote popups.


Symplify and Relewise works together to send personalized product recommendations in your marketing emails, based on proven and recorded user interest.

Data Management

Relewise's Data Management integrations seek to make it easy to integrate and maintain your product- and user data between Relewise and your other systems. Rather than dealing with pushing and pulling data, leave the hard work to the integration and focus on what matters: Driving sales and maximizing customer satisfaction.


When using Relewise's personalized recommendations in your email marketing or similar, you can use Confect.IO to create beautiful and easy-to-manage graphics that can be pulled directly into the Relewise recommendation framework, making it easier than ever to present uniquely tailored marketing experiences to your customers every time.


The integration between DataFeedWatch and Relewise allows you to send up-to-date product data to Relewise via your DataFeedWatch feed, taking the hassle out of product integration.


Boost your website by integrating Relewise into your Magento solution. With our intergration, you can pull data from Magento into Relewise, allowing for quick and easy product integration.


With mParticle, you can collect and collate userdata from multiple different sources, and Relewise is no exception. With our integration you can send the aggregate user data collected by Relewise to mParticle, allowing for a full 360 view of your customers, and ensuring a better tailoring of your marketing efforts to them.


PriceShape monitors product prices across the internet, and ensures that you stay competitive at all times. With an integration between Relewise and PriceShape, you can ensure that your updated prices are always reflected in your search results and product recommendations, ensuring that your customers are always getting the best deal, and driving conversion rates.


With the Relewise App for Shopify, you get access to the lion's share of Relewise functionality with a few simple and easy steps. The App supports fast and painless product integration, and once your products are imported to Relewise you can begin to track user behavior, personalize your search results, and even display Relewise's fast and high-performing recommendations with ease.

[Learn more about the Shopify app here]


The Relewise/Shopware integration lets you load your products, content, categories, and brands into Relewise directly from your Shopware system, and keep them updated at all times.


With an integration between Relewise and Struct, you can send product data directly from Struct into Relewise, ensuring that your data is always 100% up to date.


Take your Umbraco site to the next level with Relewise's personalization platform. With the Relewise integration app for Umbraco, it has never been easier to apply intelligent, headless, API-first search and product recommendation personalization to your website.

[Learn more about the Umbraco app here]


The integration between WakeupData and Relewise allows you to send up-to-date product data to Relewise via your DataFeedWatch feed, taking the hassle out of product integration.

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