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Behavioral Trackings

The Behavioral Trackings pag displays a live view of the user behavior that has been tracked on your dataset.

The top half of the Behavioral Trackings page displays the different kinds of tracking that you are performing on your site. The more information that is being tracked, the better personalization Relewise can deliver. It is not mandatory to track all types of user behavior, but the more data you provide to Relewise, the better your personalization results will be.

Tracking user behavior via Relewise is free of charge.

My Relewise filtering

User Behavior API Requests

The following items are tracked by MyRelewise:

Product Views: Tracks the total number of product views.

Product Category Views: Tracks the total number of product category views.

Content Views: Tracks the total number of content page views.

Content Category Views: Tracks the total number of content category views.

Brand Views: Tracks the total number of brand views.

Cart Update: Tracks the total number of cart updates. Updates counted here are products added or removed to the cart, as well as changes in quantity.

Orders: Tracks the total number of orders completed.

Search Term: Tracks the total number of search terms submitted.

List view

Below the graph is the List View, where you can follow the behavioral tracking in real-time. Keep in mind that Relewise only shows the 50 most recent tracking requests in this list view. Also be aware that the list view stops tracking updates if you have been inactive in the MyRelewise interface for more than 10 minutes. To resume tracking, simply update the page, and the tracking will resume from that point onward.

My Relewise Trackings list

The Live View interface allows you to search for specific tracking details, as well as to filter the live view results by tracking type.

Details view

Each tracking detail can be inspected by clicking the icon to the right. The details include the actual JSON sent to Relewise, and both the list and the details can provide developers with valuable debug information during development.

My Relewise Trackings details

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