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Once you have signed a contract with Relewise, a few things are going to happen. This article aims to lay out the process in a concise and easy to use manner, to ensure that you are familiar with the onboarding process and how far along you are at any given time.

Getting Started with Relewise

To begin with, Relewise will create a couple of Datasets for you, which are available via our MyRelewise interface. We will also create a Slack channel for you, for support purposes. Your Slack channel is private, and is only available to your organization, Relewise, and any external partners you may decide to invite along.

You will receive an invite to these services as soon as we register your deal as signed. If you have used our free trial service, your MyRelewise user will be granted access to your new datasets as soon as they are ready to be perused.

While you're implementing...

Once you have access to MyRelewise and the support Slack, the task of implementation falls to you and/or your implementation partner.

This process includes:

During this process, we encourage you to reach out to our support via Slack if you require assistance.

You may also request a meeting with our developers if you find yourself in need of more direct sparring - to do so, please use the Slack channel provided to you.

Implementation and Go-Live Checklist

When you are nearing the end of your implementation phase, you should coordinate with Relewise to undergo a Go-live check.

This check is a way for Relewise to know that you are ready to activate your services on your production dataset, and lets us know that we need to double-check your implementation for possible errors or misunderstandings.

As part of the Go-live check, the Relewise developers will check the entirety of your setup. We have created a list of checks that we perform both during your implementation, as well as during the go-live check itself. We present the list to you here, so that you can use it to guide your implementation:

Implementation and Go-Live Checklist

Please note that this is an exhaustive list for all Relewise products. Products that are not relevant to your engagement with Relewise should naturally be ignored during the Go-live check.

After You Go Live

Once your solution is fully integrated with Relewise, and your tracking and searches are running, you can turn your attention to the commercial side of using Relewise.

For commercial users, the MyRelewise platform can offer insight into the behavior of users browsing your site, the specifics of the entities you have integrated, and let you set up powerful tweaks to your performance such as Merchandising rules or synonyms.

For technical users/developers, MyRelewise is a great tool for debugging and problem-solving, since it lets you view incoming search requests and recommendation requests, see request details, keep tabs on incoming integrations, view active triggers, see entity details, and more.

Relewise naturally also offers ongoing support, and we are standing by with assistance, advice, and tips whenever you need it. Simply reach out to us via Slack to get in touch.

Don't know us? Don't worry - you can find more information about us, by visiting our main page