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The Administration menu item contains three subitems: Jobs, Feeds, and API Keys.


The Jobs page shows you an overview of any jobs Relewise are currently running. Jobs are commonly used to integrate entities from a feed, or similar scheduled tasks.

The Jobs page does not allow you to create jobs, only view data on the currently active ones. For setting up or editing a job, please reach out to us via Slack.


The Feeds page shows an overview of the feeds currently provided to Relewise. We use feeds to pull data via a job (see above).

The Feeds page allows you to create feeds, and checks that your feed conforms to the expected RSS 2.0/Google shopping format. The page also allows you to view data on the currently active feeds. For setting up or editing a feed that does not conform to our standard format, please reach out to us via Slack.

My Relewise Feeds

By default, Relewise supports the RSS 2.0/Google Shopping feeds, but Relewise can conform to any format in theory. Integrating a custom feed requires mapping the data to the Relewise data models, which requires billed work to accomplish. If you are interested in integrating your custom feed, please contact us for an estimate of time and cost to do so.

API Keys

On the API Keys pages, you will find the Dataset ID, Server URL, and any API Keys attached to thedataset. This is important to get started implementing Relewise on a solution.

MyRelewise API Keys Overview

To set up a new developer, the Dataset Id, Server URL and API Key under API information are the only things needed. If the developer is working in a particular SDK, however, the page also includes links directly to these, as well as a link to this documentation to get them started up quickly and easily.

Finding help in the Developer Settings

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