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Relewise supports searching in products or content. The search engine uses the same personalization features as our recommendations. Relewise is a fully fledged search engine, meaning that we support all the standard features of a search engine that can be expected today, such as facetting, sorting, and paging.

In addition, Relewise offers batching of search requests, predictive search results, automated stemming and decompounding of search terms, and a highly customizable engine for tuning and adjusting the algorithms - resulting in fast, flexible and tailor-made searches.

We support the following type of Searches

Implementation details for Developers

See how to create searches via the API here

Product search is used to find products that match a given search term, or is used with a filter to show products by i.e a category or brand, or any other given product property.

Example of usage of the product search

Product category search helps users find product categories that match a given search term.

Content searches find content elements that match a given search term.

Example of usage of the content search

Search Term Prediction

This is used with typeahead searches to inspire users on what could be relevant search terms related to the term they have already typed into the search field. This can help the user narrow down what they are looking for. For example when searching for a towel, then relevant predictions could be a beach towel, kitchen towel, or yoga towel.

Example of usage of the search term prediction

For examples of how to implement Search Term Prediction, refer to our examples page.

Typical use case

Used in the global search field on your store to help users find relevant products, categories and/or content.

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