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Free Trial: Product Performance ‚Äč

You will find Product Performance under Analyzers in the MyRelewise menu. This is where you can get a holistic overview of what products are doing well, what products are underperforming, and what products are most likely to be the first added to a cart - all of which allows you to better target your merchandising and your marketing to take advantatge of this user behavior.

The Product Performance page aims to show you four vectors of analysis:

  • High Potential, which are products that have received a low amount of traffic, but still sold well - the perfect candidate for a larger marketing push
  • Top Selling, which simply shows what products have sold the most
  • To Improve, which is the inverse of High Potential: These products had high traffic, but poor conversion
  • Cart Openers, which are the items most commonly placed in a basket first. These are ripe for paid advertisement campaigns, as it is proven that they drive sales

The power of the Product Performance page shines the larger a store is. Since Relewise allows you to segregate your data on the basis of country and currency, the Performance page allows you to gain insight into the differences between regional markets, for instance, and lets you know about customer preference across country lines. The aim of the page is to give you a tangible tool with which to laser-guide your marketing across markets and customer segments.

MyRelewise Product Performance Overview

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