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Free Trial: The Relewise Demo Shop

The Relewise Demo shop offers you several features that can be integrated into your own website. Three features in particular are being showcased in the Demo shop: Optimized and personalized Search, multiple variants of Recommendation, and User Behavioral Tracking. Let's investigate them one by one.

User behavior

At the heart of Relewise lies user tracking. Once set up, we track what your users do on a variety of actions, from what they are adding to their cart, to what products they view after viewing certain products. All this creates an intricate network of information that Relewise stores and uses to serve up better predictions for what your users might be interested in.

The Demo shop is set up to perform behavioral tracking. This means that as you navigate around the site, the search and the recommendation features both use your behavioral information to change and improve the products being displayed.

In particular, the Demo shop will remember what products you view, what orders you make, and the relationship between products across views, purchases, and adds to basket. These are also reflected in your MyRelewise interface - but we will get to that later.

If at any time you want to reset your behavioral tracking, you have the option to do so by navigating to the Configure Demo button in the top right, just beneath the basket icon. From here, scroll to the bottom of the page, and press the Reset Personal Tracking button.

Resetting the Relewise Demo behavioral tracking


Relewise's Search is centered around our personalization, and allows you to customize almost every part of it to better suit your business.

The Demo shop showcases both our highly accurate search results, but also our sophisticated predictive search, which uses a mix of recorded user behavior and a library of common search predictions to anticipate what a user might be searching for next.

To get the most out of the search, we have implemented a wide array of Natural Language Processing for both regular and predictive search. We will get more into what this means later in this guide, but the short of it is that NLP is a series of measures made to try and parse search queries more easily, and translate sentences into searchable keywords.

Relewise Search functions for any kind of entity you might have on your site; products, product categories, content pages, and content page categories. This allows us to be as flexible as possible in matching your users' search terms to the content of your website or webshop.

Relewise Search shows both search predictions, brand suggestions, category suggestions, and tailored entity results


Relewise Recommendations are built to increase user engagement and thus drive sales. We do this by building each recommendation on a foundation of user behavior, which then influences what recommendations are shown to a user.

As outlined above, Relewise gathers information on nearly everything a user does on your site. This means that your personal Relewise engine keeps an intricate network of product relations; what is viewed in the same session by the same user, what items does a user circle back to, what is added to basket, what does the user browse after adding something to basket, and so on.

Ultimately, this allows us to serve up a highly sophisticated array of related products to your users, based on the behavior of other users who have behaved like they do. And the relations only grow stronger over time, as more users add their input to the stack.

The Relewise Demo shows off some of our most prominent and useful recommendation types. Keep in mind, however, that these are not all that we can offer; a brief look at our recommendations page shows just how diverse our functionality is, and how many different ways you can employ our behavior tracking tools to assist users in finding the exact right product for them.

Among the recommendations shown off in the Demo are Popular Products, which shows the products that have been most viewed or purchased - you can configure which you prefer when you implement Relewise to your own website. We also showcase Search Term-Based Product, which pops up when you perform a product search, and recommends products that other users who have searched for the same product have shown an interest in.

Purchased with Product recommends products that were purchased alongside the one you are currently viewing, while Products Viewed after Viewing Productoffers you items that other people have looked at after browing the current one but not adding it to basket.

Relewise Recommendations are easily understood as you navigate the site, and later on in this guide we will give you the tools to experiment with the responsiveness of the feature on your own.

Don't know us? Don't worry - you can find more information about us, by visiting our main page