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Free Trial: Merchandising ‚Äč

We have talked about the Search and Recommendation features of Relewise, as well as how we collect behavioral data and use it to personalize the experience of both features to the user. But Relewise has another way of helping you nudge the user towards the products and pages you want them to see, which is useful for boosting sales, promoting more profitable products, or highlighting certain entities.

This method is called Merchandising.

In short, Merchandising is a series of rules you can create and customize, that affect the behavior of the entities on your site. This means that you can boost certain products, brands or categories in your search results, or conversely, bury those entities that you are less interested in promoting right now.

Merchandising is a powerful tool, and as such tends to be complex to use. Before you embark on using it, we urge you to read more about the function and how it works by visiting our documentation. Once you have familiarized yourself with this tool, we will offer some suggestions for how you can put it to use in your Demo shop, to demonstrate first hand the power of fine-tuning Relewise with Merchandising rules.

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