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Best Practices for Recommendations

A recommendation requires two things, namely a User and a Recommendation Type. However, we recommend that you include a Location in your requests as well. Providing a location in your requests will allow you to better track the performance of individual recommendation titles, based on the combined key of RecommendationType + Location + Currency.

Recommendation Types

Relewise offers a host of different recommendation types to improve the experience for your customers, and contribute to better cross and upsale on your website. You can find a full list of them here, and we urge you to familiarize yourself with them so you are fully capable of integrating the ones that are speficially useful for your business. We have nonetheless outlined some of the more popular and universally useful ones for ease of access and to provide you with a best practice for setting up your first recommendations.

You are also welcome to reach out to us for confirmation or guidance on which recommendations are likely to perform the best in your specific case.

Suggested Recommendation Types

LocationRecommended Request TypeDescription
Front PagePopularProductsShows the most popular products for a given time period, based on most views and most purchases.
Product Details PageProductsViewedAfterProductIncrease conversion rate by showing products that other users have navigated to after not putting the current one in the basket.
Product Details PagePurchasedWithProductIncrease basket sizes by showing other products often purchased together with the current one.
Shows products purchased with one or more of the products currently added to the basket. You can read about the distinction between the two recommendation types here.
Power StepPurchasedWithProductIncrease basket sizes by showing other products often purchased together with the current one.

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