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Troubleshooting Recommendations

If you find that your recommendation results do not match the expected outcome, you may use the following methods to troubleshoot the issue.

These guides are intended to be step-by-step processes to ensure that you have checked every common point of failure; if the problem persists, please contact us, and we will investigate further.

Relewise Recommends Wrong/Unrelated Products

If your recommendation slider is showing different products than you would expect, including seemingly unrelated products, try checking the following:

  • Double check that the recommendation type you are using is the correct one. Refer to this list and make sure that you are calling the right type for the recommendations you want to show. Common mistakes include confusing ProductViewedAfterViewingProduct with ProductViewedAfterViewingContent, or mistaking PurchasedWithProduct for SimilarProduct.
  • Check if there are any filters in your recommendation request that are filtering out the desired product. Ideally, turn off filters and run the request again to see if the problem is a filter or not.
  • Check if the AllowFillIfNecessaryToReachNumberOfRecommendations flag active on the request. If so, the request is filling up the recommendation slider with products because there is insufficient tracking data to support high-confidence recommendations. Consider implementing a Filter Scope to narrow the scope of products being recommended.
  • Check to ensure that the product and/or variant IDs are being sent correctly. Use the recommendation live view to track and verify the data being sent.

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